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Our Business is a business with numerous years of experience in wood processing and furniture making. All its items are made from natural products and produced in a conventional way by skilled artisans in accordance with rigorous quality requirements.Our Business items are strictly eco-friendly. The product used is beech-tree from the old Balkan forests where cold and snowy winter seasons provide the wood a structure and strength, and warm and warm summertime’s offer it with a unique heat and energy as no place else on the planet. By conventional production from natural and long-lasting product, we make furniture that needs to last throughout the whole youth, as well as longer. The paints used in the last processing are organic-based and please environmental requirements. The fabric is made from cotton natural products with no extra chemicals or other hazardous compounds.

Our Business does not create the items that are simply quiet, however likewise safe and with a function. We create a safe environment for kid’s advancement that promotes their natural interest and imagination. Child security is a top priority. High bed sides, rounded edges and an exceptionally strong and stable structure assurance that beds please the greatest possible security requirements.